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Infant Room

The infant room program provides an atmosphere that is comfortable, safe, secure, and very loving.  Infants are stimulated through constant interaction with the staff of Baby, Toddler and Preschool Land.  Some of the various forms of stimuli used may include singing and talking to the babies, and through various forms of exercise and play. 

We invite all parents in the infant room to visit and call as much as you would like.

Every infant in our infant program is assigned a crib when they begin at Baby, Toddler and Preschool Land.  The will use that crib until they graduate into the next room.

***All bottles, bottle tops, pacifiers must be labeled with your child’s name.

Toddler Room

The toddler program at Baby, Toddler and Preschool Land focuses on exploring their environment.  At this age, they gain socializations skills, begin to develop language ability, and play with their peers.  They also gain more control over their fine and gross muscle groups through a variety of stimulating art activities. 

In the toddler room they will begin to learn to sit at circle time, and will develop a longer attention span for stories and singing.  They will also be introduced to colors, shapes, numbers, and the alphabet.  It is very important for children of this age to be provided with numerous activities because they learn through interaction. 

Two & Three Year Old Class

The two-year-old program is a very important stage of development.  Children will move from playing parallel to working cooperatively with their peers.  They will also be forming friendship that may last a lifetime.

At this age, attention spans begin to grow, and children begin to take an active interest in learning.  Verbal expression begins to take form.  They will also begin the process of potty training. 

Three & Four Year Old Class

The three year olds are busily learning and very involved in what is happening around them.  This class has been set up with age, skill level, and maturity taken into consideration.  The daily schedule involves social studies, art, science, physical education, and music.  The weekly schedule will focus on a certain theme.

Show-n-tell will be on Fridays.

Pre Kindergarten

The four year old’s are very independent and ready to take on the world.  The four-year-old class will learn through social studies, art, science, physical education, and music.  These students will also be introduced to activities to build pre reading skills, and math concepts daily. 

Before and after school care

Our before and after school program offers a safe alternative to having you child become a latchkey kid.  We offer them a time to relax and wind down after a busy day at school.  They will also have the opportunity to complete their homework from the day at school. The children are also given the chance to do art projects and crafts.   Kindergartners will be provided with lunch either before they go to school (p.m. kindergarten) or when they return from school (a.m. kindergarten).

Children in the before and after school program will need to bring a snack for when they return from school.  They will be given juice.  Please make sure the snack is healthy and filling as the children returning from school are hungry and need energy to complete their homework.

We offer field trips for the school age children, these field trips are optional and fees are additional.

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